Sommerland Syd

6th August 2012

My timings for today's adventure failed to allow for the fact that I'd be departing a hotel in the centre of Hamburg at rush hour. It took me over an hour to cover the first five kilometres, and while things moved relatively well from that point onwards heavy rain meant that it wasn't possible to put the boot down on the autobahn. As a result I was well behind my planned schedule by the time that I finally arrived at Sommerland Syd. As I'd visited the park on two previous occasions I decided that the best course of action was to shorten my visit down to a quick hit and run.

Himalaya (#1799) occupies the space that once held Tornado. The new ride is clearly second hand, as the control panel is labelled in Italian and the only three cars are numbered three, five, and eight. It didn't make much difference today, however, as there were only a handful of guests in the park. I rode twice, once in the front and once in the back, before returning to my car.




6th August 2012

Cutting the previous park short allowed me to get to Bakken a few minutes fater opening, and it was immediately apparent from the car park that the dark clouds had kept the crowds away. With almost two hours to play with in a mostly empty park I elected to buy a wristband rather than individual ride tickets, taking advantage of a club discount for a reduced price. This was definitely the right decision, as I had time to do a total of eleven rides without rushing, and I'd easily have managed more if I'd wanted to.

My first stop was at the new coaster added since my last visit, a Mack-built Vilde Mus (#1800). The ride was pure vanilla aside from an enclosed (and rather fast) lift hill. In an ideal world I'd have arranged a slightly more significant tick for my eighteen hundred landmark, but it's remarkably difficult to orchestrate exactly where credits will fall when you only need one per park!

I decided to skip repeating the Mariehønen, but worked my way around the other coasters. Tornado has gotten softer restraints since my last ride, which partially fixes the whiplash issue that I wrote about last time, but it's still not a coaster I'd do more than once per day. On similar lines, I'm now forced to list the Rutschebanen in the once-per-day category, as the new restraints really do start to hurt after the first few drops. Racing is fun to ride once but isn't exciting enough to repeat. That honour has to go to Mine Train Ulven, which is now the best coaster in the park, both on its own merit and also because it manages to thrill without hurting; I managed several rides.

Beyond the coasters, I tried the Hurlumhej fun house, the Spogeleslottet ghost train, and the Safari target shooting dark ride. It quickly became apparent that neither of the guns in my car worked. It was moderately amusing to note that the left hand gun managed to accumulate several hundred points while resting its holster!