Macau Tower

16th September 2012

Four years ago, my travels brought be to Macau, a former Portuguese colony and now one of the two special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China. The city is an hour by boat from Hong Kong, and despite its relatively low profile it has seen massive growth in recent years thanks to legalised gambling. Many would now consider it to be China's answer to Las Vegas.

I wasn't originally planning to visit Macau on this trip, but a directly afternoon flight to Wuhan made it an obvious place to spend a day given the lack of any equivalent from Hong Kong. I figured that I might as well take the opportunity to try out the Sky Jump, a decelerator ride off the side of the 233m high Macau Tower. Stepping off a building isn't easy to do, but despite that I've got to say that I really enjoyed the overall experience and would definitely do it again.


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