Ita Center Park

21st January 2013

Opening hours for the various parks in Brazil were quite difficult to come by during the planning stages of this trip. The necessity of booking flights early forced us to make a few decisions with limited information, and for the most part we were lucky in our choices. The one major exception was our day in Brasilia, as we discovered too late that all of the parks in the area were closed on Mondays. Predictably, we were rescued by the wonderful Maria, who found a travelling fair in driving distance with two coasters in it. Better yet, her friend Guilherme Oliviera was able to arrange free wristbands for us.

Idiots on tour

The Zyklon Loop (#1897) is a rare example of the Pinfari Z47L, which is best described as a cross between an SDC Galaxi and the ubiquitous ZL42. This ride, operating with single car trains, has a first drop that leads directly into an intense vertical loop that pulls forces that wouldn't be out of place on a Schwarzkopf coaster. This is followed by two sets of Galaxi style helices, separated by an airtime hill that goes through the middle of the loop. The quality of the track work was better than average for Pinfari, and for the most part it was great fun. The only negative point was the fact that our car stopped three times on the lift hill, slamming painfully into the anti-rollbacks on each occasion. This really hurt.

We rode an undistinguished Tunel do Terror before moving across to the Brucomela (#1898), a rather tired looking model that was in definite need of a paint job. Having said that, it rode fine and made an amusing choice for my 1700th steel roller coaster. It was a treat to be allowed ride, as the train was under obvious maintenance with half of the restraints in pieces on the ground. We sat in the finished cars to avoid any potential problems.


Mirage Park

21st January 2013

Mirage Park was planned into this trip due to its purchase of a second-hand Jet Star 2, in this case a machine that last operated at the late Playcenter São Paulo in 2001. Towards the end of last week, we learned that the ride had yet to be constructed, though park staff confirmed that they do plan to set it up later this year, albeit in a second location elsewhere in Manaus. As we'd already paid for flights we figured we might as well travel for the consolation prize of a locally built Montanha Russa (#1899), a twenty foot high ride with a bone-crunching impact at the base of the first drop. This ride was unique in that it managed to use just about all of its potential energy on course, with the car coasting back into the station at walking pace.

Trem Fantasma

Most of the other rides in the park were cookie cutter attractions that could be found anywhere, but there was a unique and elaborate multi-level Trem Fantasma that our group really liked. The cars on this ride picked up significant speed in places, bordering on powered coaster territory, moving past very detailed scenes, most of which were accompanied by sound effects. Additionally, the building itself had elaborate theming, with tombstones, skulls, and even a disembodied hand rising from the grass.

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