Parc Magique

25th January 2013

Parc Magique is a tiny park with intricate theming located approximately two hours driving time from Rio de Janeiro on a good day. Construction works en route meant that our trip took considerably longer, though this was mostly due to a stop/go system that took an incredibly long time (of the order of thirty minutes) to change direction. Enthusiasts attempting to retrace this trip should be aware that the final few minutes of the journey by road are on dirt tracks that seem like they cannot possibly lead anywhere important. However, in due course a magnificent five star hotel appears, and shortly afterwards the park comes into view also. I'm personally of the opinion that all five star hotels should have amusement parks attached, but I digress.

Parc Magique

The various attractions have been set up under a large marquee, presumably to allow operation in all weather conditions. The collection includes several children's rides, a particularly good Trem Fantasma, and a full size Montanha Russa (#1903) that is probably best described as a Galaxi far, far away. SBF is not generally known for their adult coasters, but despite this the ride was very good indeed, with smooth track work and a sense of speed that was quite unexpected. The only negative was a convoluted restraint system that featured both a lap bar and over-the-shoulder seatbelt, but neither got in the way of the overall experience.

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Parc Magique

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