Oakwood Theme Park

3rd August 2013

Oakwood Theme Park is a nice enough place, but it is definitely a half day park, and one that I've done to death over the last few years. I'd have happily skipped the European Coaster Club event this year were it not for a talk from John Wardley, the designer of many interesting coasters, not least Nemesis. John's talk was a very interesting way to spend an hour, and I'm glad that I made the effort to see it.

John Wardley

We spent the first part of our day exploring the new-for-2013 Neverland area of the park, a beautifully themed area based on the story of Peter Pan. Several of the rides in the new area were relocated from Camelot, including the powered Crocodile Coaster, the Skull Rock flume, and two smaller track rides; the Sights of London and Neverland Chase. Having said that, the theming is all new, meaning there is no visible sign that these are relocations.

I've written about the park in depth on more than one occasion, so rather than give a play by play I'm just going to note that we managed just about every ride in the park over the course of our day, including my first lap on the Clown Coaster in about ten years. The only negative was a small incident on Speed, where the operator on duty at lunch time wouldn't allow strapped glasses despite them having been okay on the same ride less than three hours before. I decided to go to guest services to get the official policy, and I found out to my delight that the operator was wrong and that Oakwood Theme Park officially allows strapped glasses on rides. I'll know myself for next time!

After park close we settled down to a dark ERS on Megafobia, where we clocked up eight laps. It would have been nice to do more, but we'd been on our feet for eighteen hours after four hours sleep, and something had to give!

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Oakwood Theme Park

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