22nd May 2014

My last trip report from the Adventuredome commented that a return visit would be on the cards (pun intended) in the not too distant future. Credits are as powerful a magnet for Megan as they are for me, and the prospect of an additional Hard Rock Café sealed the deal for us both. As an aside, those driving to Las Vegas from California will likely notice signs for Zzyzx Road on the interstate; pronunciation of same is left as an exercise for the reader.

El Loco (#2049) is a custom design from S&S, albeit only just; most of the ride follows the company standard layout, with only the station and the connecting track being unique. However, the ride experience is several notches above the norm, as the cars have lap bars rather than the uncomfortable horse collars found on the earlier models. The layout remains quite short, coming in at thirty-five seconds from top of lift to brakes, but despite the brevity it is intense and thrilling, and a coaster that I'd happily sit for an hour or two.

El Loco

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