Ginger Factory

19th February 2015

We decided to begin our morning by driving to Aussie World of the off chance that all the different weather predictions were wrong. Unfortunately their accuracy was pretty much spot on; we arrived at the park about half an hour into a torrential downpour that showed no signs of abating any time soon. It was obvious from the car that nothing was moving in the park, and moments later we learned that the Wild Mouse was closed for annual maintenance anyway.

The horrendous conditions ruled out quite a few possible backup plans, but Gavin and James suggested a workable alternative in the guise of the Ginger Factory, home to a very large indoor dark ride described thus:

The S.S. Ginger Traveller is ready to sail the Seven Seas. To keep the crew happy, the cooks have made them a Gingerbread Man. But the Gingerbread Man is not going to be eaten. He has other ideas! Follow the story of how the Gingerbread Man goes overboard and is chased around the world by the two cooks.

Overboard is probably best described as a low budget version of the Disney It's a small world ride, albeit with a somewhat less nauseating soundtrack. The animatronics were basic but effective, and the overall standard of presentation was much better than I'd expected. The ride ended with a silly poem; I've been around the world; I've seen all there is to see; and now I've returned home; the biscuits look like me!


We would have taken the Factory Tour also, but found it closed for maintenance. However, the same content was available in a classroom environment, which we figured we might as well see. The good natured presenter let us taste several different varieties of ginger product, and while interesting, it's fair to say that this wasn't something we needed to, er, travel around the world for.

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