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19th March 2016

Our final day in Oman was originally planned as a backup day to give us a second shot at Marah Land if needed, and we did indeed call in there for some daylight photographs of the broken Schwarzkopf. The lion's share of the day however was devoted to tourism, including a very pleasant ninety minutes at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and a slightly longer stay at Nizwa Fort. I'd recommend both sights to the reader, with the slight proviso that short trousers are frowned upon in the Sultanate, making outdoor sights best suited to colder months.



Sindbad's Amusement Centre

19th March 2016

We arrived at the locked entrance to Sindbad's Amusement Centre at about 4:25pm. We could see a certain amount of activity through the barbed wire fence, though it was also apparent that not much had changed since in the five years since my old report described it as looking scary. Two-tone coloured paving that might once have been bright and cheerful was almost invisible under a thick layer of dirt, and there was visible litter within the superstructure of the six active rides.

The gate was unlocked at precisely 4:30pm, and moments later a member of staff began to prepare the coaster. Grease was rubbed on the rails at key locations, and the train was systematically polished, one car at a time, making it stand out from the rubble all around it. Fifteen minutes later we were able to buy tickets and accept our roles as voluntary test dummies on the first Nessi ride of the day. The ride was absolutely fine, if undistinguished, and with it ticked off we didn't hang around.

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Sindbad's Amusement Centre

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