Travel Note

15th April 2018

Our itinerary for today had us visiting Naturlandia in Andorra, where we hoped to enjoy some rides on the world's longest alpine coaster. Unfortunately this cunning plan fell by the wayside for the second time in less than a year when we discovered just days before our trip that the park would not be open. We were a week too early for the new coaster at Ferrari Land, and with no credits available anywhere else in the vicinity we settled on an alternative routing with two powered coasters, one reasonably substantial and one best described as a box-ticking exercise.

The one positive from the changes was the fact that we were able to leave our overnight hotel at a relatively civilized nine in the morning for a pleasant two hour drive south to the city of Castellón and Parque Aventura d'Or. We found a parking space less than fifty feet from the entrance, and the gloriously sunny weather made me think briefly that our run of bad luck was at an end. Moments later reality came back with a bang as I spotted a sign indicating that Tren Aéreo was closed until further notice due to a technical fault. There was nothing to do but swear emphatically and return to the car.

Parque Aventura d'Or


Neverland Zaragoza

15th April 2018

The Neverland chain of family entertainment centers was founded in 1976 in Córdoba, Argentina. As of this writing six of the thirty-something branches worldwide have powered coasters from Zamperla, including two that I visited back in 2012. Though not a ride likely to win accolades the Roller Coaster looks striking thanks to an alien-themed train that has been lined on both sides by brightly coloured light bulbs. It rides fairly well too, with respectable forces during the single helix descent repeated over an interminable number of laps.