Travel Note

9th June 2019

Over the last few years my travels have brought me to 24 out of the 28 countries in the European Union. One of the few to have always eluded me was Estonia, a state of 1.3 million located adjacent to the Baltic Sea. Late yesterday evening I corrected that omission with a fifteen minute flight from Helsinki to Tallinn. There were no formalities on arrival thanks to the Schengen agreement, and an efficient car rental process meant that I arrived at my hotel less than an hour after landing.


Kadrioru Karussell

9th June 2019

The morning began with a short drive to the local ferry port where I met up with Bruno and Anita. As expected we were a great deal too early for Kadrioru Karussell, but signage at the entrance indicated that it would open at 11:00am, giving us the time we needed to get Bruno added to the rental car paperwork. By the time we arrived back staff members could be seen preparing the various attractions for the day.


The park occupies roughly three thousand square metres of land on the edge of Kadriorg Park, an enormous facility commissioned in 1718 by Peter the Great. The ride selection is geared exclusively at those under the age of twelve, and in fact there are only two machines of any consequence; an eight car Ferris wheel and Kullakaevandus (#2690), a standard model SBF Double Coaster that costs €4 for a three lap cycle. The ride was exactly as expected.



9th June 2019

Three hours and change later we'd arrived at Liikluslinn (Traffic City), a free admission park for children located in the south of the country just twenty kilometres from the Latvian border. We found the small roller coaster listed on RCDB, but unfortunately it was closed, and it was evident that this wasn't a temporary situation as there were cobwebs in the individual cars. The bolts holding Ameerika Mäed together looked almost new, however, suggesting that it might be not yet dead. A member of staff told us that it could possibly reopen at the start of peak season on 18th June.


Tivoli Baltic Pöhjakeskus

9th June 2019

Our final stop for the day was at the Põhjakeskus shopping mall in Rakvere in the north-east of the country, where we caught up with a small funfair operated by Tivoli Baltic. There were ten different attractions available today, including a large oval roller coaster.


Shrek (Kočka) (#2691) has an interesting history. It was manufactured by Jaroslav Fink and was originally supplied with a double helix layout, which it retained throughout several years of service in the eastern half of the Ukraine. The track has been shortened since, but despite that the experience remains surprisingly wild, particularly at the back of the train. The tyre drive motors can be run at different speeds depending on the whim of the operator; today we experienced alternating fast and slow laps.