16th June 2019

I'd intended to get to Dreamland for opening, but decided late yesterday that an extra hour in bed was preferable. As such it was just before 11:00am when I arrived at the large car park located on the east side of the park. The meter wouldn't accept my credit card, so I decanted all the coins that I had into it, giving me just over two hours to play with. This turned out to be ample for my purposes, as my stomach was not being overly cooperative, reducing my tolerance for repeat rides on coasters and rendering the majority of flat rides entirely off limits.

Pinball X

My key target was Pinball X (#2698), a Zamperla Spinning Mouse that was one of nine new attractions at the park last year. The ride was installed in the same place as the previous Magic Mouse, though the large drop and lift hill now face away from a nearby apartment block rather than towards it. The theming package is rudimentary by the standards of Spinball Whizzer, though I will allow it 100 points when lit for novelty value. The experience on board is as per every other example of the type; I rode twice before moving on.

In an ideal world I'd have ridden the Dreamland Drop, but it was one of three rides out of commission for the duration of my visit; the Speedway and Waltzer were similarly indisposed. In due course I wound up at the Big Wheel for some overhead photographs. With that done I made my way to the Scenic Railway, and though operations were unhurried I was still able to complete three laps over a one hour period, all of which were in the second car from the back. It was fun to experience the ride under the control of different brakemen; my first lap was noticeably more peppy than the other two.


Dymchurch Amusement Park

16th June 2019

The route from Dreamland to Dymchurch Amusement Park passes within a mile of the entrance to the Channel Tunnel, and as such is likely to be quite congested if a time comes when the United Kingdom is no longer part of the EU Customs Union. Traffic in the area today was light, allowing me to complete the 37 mile journey in just over an hour.

The park occupies a little over three thousand square metres of space adjacent to the seaside, though blocked from it by an elevated pedestrian boardwalk that doubles as a flood defence. It is home to a Güven Lunapark Family Coaster (#2699), though that constitutes a forgettable tick for the majority of enthusiasts. The real star attraction is the Ghost Train, a classic model with a coaster style drop and several sharp directional changes. The ride has a single physical set right at the end; the rest of the layout routes past elaborately painted walls that feature skeletons, spiders, snakes, and suitably cromulent phrases such as "Ride to Hell", "Help Me", "No Return", "Going Down", "Repent Now", and "Save Us". The experience is electrically powered throughout but feels very much like an enclosed wild mouse coaster, to the point that I rode twice.

Ghost Train