Sommerland Sjælland

23rd July 2020

The final day of my Denmark trip was planned around a mid-afternoon flight back to Dublin. The requirement to get to Copenhagen Airport by 1:30pm defined the schedule; the only new credit achievable within the available window was at Sommerland Sjælland.

I set out from my overnight hotel with a thirty minute margin for traffic so as to not lose any park time, but my caution proved unnecessary as the roads were for the most part clear. I eased off on the accelerator when I was thirty kilometres away, and my reduced pace got me to my target ten minutes before the scheduled 10:00am opening. As with Fårup Sommerland payment was taken on the way into the car park, and while the price was higher than I'd have preferred (first-world CreHo problems...) it did at least allow me to use up the rest of my local currency.

Readers should be aware that the park staggers attraction opening times. As of this writing the two that are clearly defined are VildBassen (11:00am) and Vildkatten (12:00pm). Everything else seems to open more or less when the staff turn up; today an operator arrived at Spinning Out (#2872) at about 10:15am and spent twenty minutes completing paperwork and dispatching test trains before opening the gate. Only two groups were being allowed on board at a time to allow for social distancing, but I got my five-lap cycle at 10:45am and in so doing completed my sweep of the coasters in Denmark.

I wasn’t interested in renewing my acquaintance with either of the remaining coasters, but I figured that I’d wander the park to see if there was anything else of interest. The one ride to catch my eye was Amazonas, a slow-moving boat journey with both indoor and outdoor sections. There were no restraints, and no obvious operators, though presumably someone was watching loading on camera; I took the front row of a boat and was left to my own devices for a ten minute long journey that was a pleasant way to relax ahead of my drive to the airport.