Privacy Policy

This page contains the Privacy Policy for the software that I have published on the App Store.

These programs do not transmit personal data, nor do they include third party SDKs.


Ancient Tails, Atomic Linking, Bright Stones, Burning Turkey, Chicken Rocks, Dangerous Maggots, Enigmatic Blocks, Fascinating Fruit, Fox and Pigs, Galactic Dodgems, Hedgehog Happening, ICBMs Inbound, Ice Squishing, Leaky Nuts, Little Green Balls, Magnificent Ball, Meteor Field, Nostalgic Maze, Paddy the Plumber, Pompom Invaders, Ranger Jim, Retro Air Hockey, Shaded Bricks, Shining Gold, Space Diamonds, Traffic Prince, Triple Tint, Vampire Riches, Wacky Snake, and Western Galaxy have a high score table (leaderboard) feature that shows the ten best scores achieved by players. These are stored locally and never leave the device.

Superior Solitaire has internal counters that record the number of games played, the number of games won, and the best time achieved. These counters are displayed automatically when a game is won. They are stored locally and never leave the device.

Other software

Audio Overload keeps an internal count of the number of tracks played and the total time spent listening to music. These values can be viewed at any time on the program's about page. They are stored locally and never leave the device.

Anagram Master, Brain Box, and Cacophony have no internal counters of any kind.