Brain Box

Educational Games for macOS

Brain Box is a compilation of simple puzzle games designed to exercise the mind. None of the games takes more than a few minutes to play, making it ideal for brief breaks from work. It is also ideal for those in primary education. The current release supports eight simple games, and more will be added in the future. Suggestions are very welcome!



  • Anagram - Figure out the word the computer is thinking of.
  • Black vs White - Take over the entire game board before your opponent does.
  • Box Pusher - Classic puzzle game from Japan.
  • Colors - Remove every last square from the board.
  • Hangman - Guess the word the computer is thinking of before it's too late!
  • Mines - Mark out all the mines hidden in a grid without accidentally setting one off.
  • Recall - Match all the pairs in a large grid.
  • Sudoku - The puzzle game that's gripping the world!

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