Cacophony v2.0.2

An easy-to-use audio editor

Cacophony is an audio recording and editing application for macOS. It includes support for common file formats, basic editing functions, and a range of special effects.



  • General: Playback, Recording
  • Editing: Copy and Paste, Crop, Delete, Markers, and Split.
  • Effects: Add Noise, Amplify, Chorus, Fade In, Fade Out, Interpolate, Normalize, and Reverse.
  • Files: Reading of most common file formats; writing of AAC, Apple Lossless, ADTS, AIFF, Core Audio, FLAC, NeXT/Sun Audio, RF64, Sound Designer II, and Wave Audio.
  • Synthesis: DTMF Sequences, Noise, Silence, Sweeps, and Tones.

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