KiGB v2.0.9

Nintendo Gameboy/Gameboy Colour Emulator

KiGB sets new standards for emulator compatibility, with every single released GB and GBC title having been tested as perfectly compatible as of the latest release. What else is there to say?



  • Optional Super Gameboy emulation.
  • Motion sensor support (Kirby Tilt & Tumble).
  • Game Genie and Game Shark support.


KiGB (1.7MB)

Optional Extras

This software can be used with Emulator Enhancer, a shareware add-on that includes:

  • Support for USB joysticks and gamepads.
  • Support for full screen mode.
  • Support for audio effects.
  • Support for opening recent games quickly.
  • Much much more.
Download Emulator Enhancer v3.2.0 (1.2MB)